Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Top 10 Biggest Massacres in History

Social norms and religious teachings have taught us that killing is a sin worthy of condemnation. Taking a life in one’s hand is something unforgivable and something unjustifiable both in the rule of law and in the eyes of God. Deciding on other people’s death and/or life is never on the hands of mere mortals like us. It is decided by fate and by an almighty God who chooses who lives and who perishes.

But for some who are blinded by hate and ego, killing in massive proportions gives them the justice, the joy and the overwhelming recognition and affirmation of their strength and power making them “demons” in the process.

This top 10 biggest massacre in the world list exemplifies how the evils of men create a blot in history. A blot that signifies the lives lost a blemish that will ever be remembered in history as a moment of great terror, an instance to remember.

Monday, November 28, 2011

Top 10 Best Universities in the Philippines

With a total of 2,080 public and private colleges and universities in the Philippines (as of August 2007), it is quite difficult for high school graduates in the Philippines to choose the college or university in which they will spend 4 to 5 years of their life. Many students and parents are looking for the best universities in the land because they believe that “school name” would have a huge impact on their career and success in board examinations. Many parents spend a fortune just to send their kids into the best universities. They simply want their children to gain an edge to hundreds of thousands of college graduates every year. Most likely, students and parents equate quality education to the popularity of a college or university. Some of them even look at the ranking of the school in international, regional, and local ranking of higher education institutions.

Saturday, November 26, 2011

Top 10 Mysterious Human Behaviors That Science Could Not Completely Explain


Science has made many interesting and important discoveries. But amazingly, there are a lot of things like human nature that science can’t explain. We humans are very complex and mysterious creatures. We do things that we ourselves could not explain and most of the times, we do these things unconsciously. We don’t even realize that we keep doing these things frequently. These behaviors are so strange that even science cannot explain why humans do these things. Here are the top 10 human behaviors that science can’t explain.

Top 10 Dog Breeds In The World

Reliable and dependable pets, dogs have captured the hearts of people all over the world. With over 400 breeds, these canines have solidified their status as man’s best friends. They reduce our stress, give us happiness and profound joy, provide us security, and even save our lives.

Over the course of time, they have become not just pets in our houses but a part of our families. They are not mere animals but subjects of our affection. They are lovable pets that we care upon and whom we devote our time, effort and finances.

This list summarizes the top ten dog breeds in the world. With their cuteness, ability and dependability, these dogs emerged as people’s favorite among the hundreds of breeds to chose from.

Top 10 Must Try Bicolano Foods

Bicol is a region in the Philippines located in the southeastern part of Luzon. The region is famous because of the Mayon Volcano which is found in Albay. The active volcano is known for its perfect cone shape. The Bicol region is also known for its delicious food and delicacies. The Bicolanos love spicy foods. They also use coconut cream in most of their recipes. The combination of hot spices and coconut cream is very enticing not only in the Bicol region but also in the entire Philippines. Be sure to try these top 10 Bicolano foods and fulfill your hot and spicy cravings.

Top 5 Worst Genocides in History

History has proven in its course that it has been a producer of the most horrifying and daunting stories the world has ever known. Terrifying. Unimaginable. These stories depict the shocking and inconceivable pictures the evils of man can do: blood splattered on barren lands; the stench of death overcoming the fragrance of life.

Genocide: a crime of unprecedented proportions, a sin not worthy of any mercy. It is the deliberate and systematic destruction, in whole or in part, of an ethnic, racial, religious or national group. From the past to the present, from Rwanda to China, this herculean crime has been experienced by innocent people; children who has been stripped of their future; men and women who have been degraded to mere objects of ridicule; and of the old whose dignity of life have been taken away from them.

More than any horror movie you’ll ever see, reality always is the best shocker. This list compiles the five worst genocides in the history. Genocides that the world will remember and will never forget.

Friday, November 25, 2011

Top 10 World’s Most Expensive Diamonds

No man can grasp or put into words the beauty and the value that is, diamond. Diamonds, with their luster and brilliance unlike any other gems in the world, have become expensive jewels. Their worth has gone to unprecedented heights; their gleam and  shine have made people wonder in awe.

Known for its hardness, diamonds have also emerged as the symbol of love, romance and marriage through the years. These gemstones have become God’s gift to mankind; they are nature’s hidden treasures. But having a diamond in one’s ring or accessories isn’t a walk in the park. It means spending a fortune. Diamonds might be forever, so as they say, but it is a luxury only few can afford.

This list is a compilation of the most expensive diamonds in the world today. With their lofty price tag and their unparalleled brilliance, these diamonds have become a reminder that the Earth is still the home of hidden wealth and natural bounty needed to be discovered.

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Top 10 Bizarre Medical Conditions

Interestingly, all of us are intrigued by bizarre medical conditions. Whether fatal or treatable, strange medical complications always fire our imagination and make us grateful that we live perfectly normal lives with healthy bodies. Here’s a list of the top 6 bizarre medical conditions:

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Top 10 Deadliest Earthquakes In The World

Earthquakes are forces of nature that happen almost every time. They can be barely noticeable or terribly devastating. People feel about 100,000 earthquakes a year with about 1,000 of them cause property damage. Eighty percent of earthquakes occur in the Pacific Rim of Fire and these earthquakes cause other disasters such as mudslides, fires, floods and tsunamis. Here is the list of the top 10 most deadly earthquakes that killed thousands of people.

Top 10 Handguns In The World

Action stars made us believe that carrying a handgun and shooting bad guys are cool and slick but in reality, owning a handgun entails a lot of responsibility and utmost caution. With just a pull of a trigger, one can end a life or save a soul. The right to own a handgun may be permitted in some countries but this right is not absolute. Gun owners should put the safety of others in priority and give a conscious effort to always employ responsibility in the use of this powerful weapon.

Handguns, in technical definition, are firearms which are designed to be held and operated in one hand. The handguns below occupy the list of the Top 10 Handguns in the world based on their reliability and performance:

10 Volcanic Eruptions With Highest Death Tolls

Volcanic eruption is one of the natural disasters that have been killing human beings for thousands of years. In the past, predicting volcanic eruption is difficult because of the lack of advance tools and technology to use. Today, with the availability of tools and resources, it is easier to predict the behavior of volcanoes - when will they erupt and who will be affected. Many lives are saved due to these tools. Unfortunately, in the past, many lives were lost because of the absence of tools to measure and predict volcanic activity. Here are some of the historic volcanic eruptions with the highest death tolls in no particular order.

Monday, November 21, 2011

Top 10 Fastest Cars of 2011

From the invention of its first kind in the 1700s, cars have definitely travelled a long way. Through the course of history and technology, it has undergone major development and improvements; from its bulkier look in the past, it has transformed itself into a slicker and a more modern look, thanks to the constant invention, reinvention and innovation of car manufacturers in the world.

In the helm of modern technology, manufacturers have now produced cars that have speed that would blow up speedometers. Unimaginably fast and extraordinarily furious, these cars have made it to the list of the ten fastest cars in the world today.

Top 5 Must Try Ilocano Foods

Ilocanos are considered as the third largest ethnic group in the Philippines and they are well-known because of the literary masterpiece: "Biag Ni Lam-Ang" (an epic story about the hero named Lam-ang). A lot of famous personalities like Elpidio Quirino, Ferdinand Marcos, Jose Burgos, just to name a few are pure-blooded Ilocanos. People of Ilocos region are known to be engaged in farming as well as fishing because of their geographic location. Because they are having large number of migrating population, there is no doubt that Ilocano foods spread throughout the Philippine archipelago and the world. Usually, Ilocanos eat foods cooked with salted fish (bagoong), fresh sea foods and steamed vegetables.  For those of you who are not that much familiar but are interested to try their foods, you can check out these top 5 must try Ilocano Foods!

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Top 10 Most Dangerous Bridges In The World

From sky high suspended bridges to dilapidated rope bridges, these structures don’t stop people from getting from one place to another. All bridges serve a purpose. Some bridges links places and enables people communicate and other bridges also give thrill and adrenaline to other people. Bridges exists in different shapes, sizes, and heights. But not all bridges are the same as the world renowned Golden Gate Bridge of San Francisco. There are also bridges that are old, dilapidated, and most especially DANGEROUS. Here is the top 10 of the world’s most extreme bridges.

Top 10 Most Generous Philanthropists In The World

There is one investment in the world that would never, ever fail. It is the investment to people in need. It is one fruitful investment where you receive more than what you give, where what you would reap is far greater, far more rewarding than what you have sown. These investments have saved millions of lives in Africa, provided books for children in Bangladesh and offered shelter for street kids in Rwanda. More importantly, it urged people from different nations and races to pay it forward by giving a piece of their selves to the needy, the impoverished and the uneducated.

It is a common knowledge that money makes the world go round. And these people know that with enough funds and a luxury of resources, one could reach out to the ends of the earth and make a difference. They have proven that blessings are more meaningful if it is shared and that giving does not always mean having less, it means gaining more.

Saturday, November 19, 2011

Top 10 Boxers Of All Time

No one should underestimate the power of a punch. It can propel you to international fame; it could open a lot of opportunities for you. It could give you a fortune; it could make you a legend.

Boxing could be considered as one of the world’s toughest sports but the people on this list proved that without pain, there is no gain. With their strong punching abilities, blinding speed, ability to think inside the ring, excellent endurance and a heart to top it all up, these boxers have propelled to boxing’s all-time greats.

Friday, November 18, 2011

Top 10 Most Powerful Countries In The World

Whether we like it or not, the world is dictated by the powerful, the wealthy and the capable countries. They are the Goliaths and the whole Earth is their Gath, nations look up to them, countries set their eyes on them. An alliance to them guarantees blessings of unprecedented heights, opposing them warrants curses of herculean proportions.

They are the Top ten most powerful countries in the world. Dictating what the world needs, defining how the world should be. With their resources both in manpower and finances, these nations have proved to the world that their views and their visions are also the aspirations of the world.

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Top 10 Most Visited Places In The Philippines

When God made the world, He must have set his eyes in the Philippines. Its 7,107 islands are home to the largest array of flora and fauna, its people and their hospitality its greatest asset. Its skies are beaming with happiness and its seas waving in optimism. Dubbed as the Pearl of the Orient Seas, the Philippines is a country where East meets west; where Asian oriental culture convenes with liberalism and technology.

According to the Philippines’ Department of Tourism, more than three million foreign visitors have been in the country in 2010 with Americans, South Koreans, Japanese, Chinese and Australians being the leaders of the pack. Though haunted by issues in its society and the government, Philippine tourism has been stronger than ever with these places contributing to the surge of tourists, both local and foreign:


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