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Top 10 Life Insurance Companies in the Philippines 2011

Every year the Insurance Commission, the government agency that regulates insurance companies in the Philippines, releases relevant reports about the life insurance industry in the Philippines. One of these reports is the ranking of life insurance companies in the Philippines based on different criteria such as premium income, assets, net worth, net income and paid up capital. Out of these criteria, the ranking based on premium income is one of the most popular because it determines which company is leading in terms of insurance sales/revenues. As of December 31, 2011, the leading life insurance company based on premium income is Sun Life of Canada (Philippines) with 13.8 billion pesos in premium income. After many years of just being number 2, Sun Life was able to defeat Philam Life by 300 million pesos in premium income. The two is competing to be at the top but let us see by next year of which company will be number 1. 

Source: Insurance Commission

The Significance of Ranking

Well, this ranking may help Filipinos decide on which company they will get their life insurance. With 34 life insurance companies in the Philippines, it is quite difficult and even confusing to decide which life insurance company to choose. At least with this kind of ranking, Filipinos have some kind of criteria that will help them decide. For example, they may associate the ranking with company stability or market leadership. Filipinos are tired of companies closing down, that is why they want to make sure that they are partnering their future  and security with stable companies.

One of the reasons why Filipinos don't like the idea of life insurance is because they are afraid that the life insurance company will close down just like what happened with few pre-need companies. The Insurance Commission (IC) strictly regulates life insurance companies to protect the public. The agency makes it sure that every life insurance company has enough reserve to pay their obligations to the policyholders. Because the IC is doing a great job, no life insurance company in the Philippines has ever closed down except for mergers and buyouts which are by the way not harmful to policyholders.

What Matters

Even if your life insurance policy is issued by the last company in the list, it doesn't matter. What matters is the ability of your life insurance company to meet its obligations to you as the policyholder and to your beneficiaries in due time.

The Sad Note

The truth is there are still many Filipinos that don't have life insurance especially breadwinners or people with dependents. According to the IC, there are only 3.3 million policies that are in-force in 2010. This does not mean that there are 3.3 million Filipinos with life insurance policies because there are some people who have multiple policies. For example, my wife and I have a total of 4 life insurance policies (plus personal accident insurance from non-life companies) but we think we are not yet adequately covered. There is still a huge market for life insurance products in the Philippines but unless more and more Filipinos are being adequately educated on the importance of life insurance, there would be no significant improvement in the number of Filipino lives insured each year.


Raymund F. Camat is a licensed Financial Advisor of Sun Life Financial. For your life insurance and financial planning needs, contact him at 09179698062 or email him at You may also visit his website at Follow him at

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Introducing, The Top Travel Website on Getting Booking Discount in Bali Indonesia


Everyone loves vacation and dreams of having the perfect one with no further disruptions, impediments and delays such as picking the right villa and then ending up later disappointed to get the news from your inquiry that the villa is no longer available. These often happen on vacation spots like Bali, where villas are very popular and highly in demand. Good thing though, a site was created to solve problems like this, the

Last Minute Bali Villas is a website that helps you and everyone book their dream Bali holiday villa easily and hassle-free. The island of Bali is considered to be one of the popular tourist destinations in the world. Known for its world-class diving and surfing spots, as well as for its rich and colorful culture, Bali is famed as the “island of gods”. Offering both picturesque landscapes, archaeological attractions and varied sport and water activities, millions of travelers and visitors come to this island to enjoy and experience these things every year. That’s why the island offers a great selection of accommodations from small losmens to the most famous one, the private villas complete with their staffs and top-class service.

But since Bali villas are very popular for travelers and foreigners especially during holiday seasons, most people are faced with the problem of finding an available villa to rent and that’s what the Last Minute Bali Villas wants to work out. It shows and offers up-to-date lists of only the last-minute Bali villas that are available as you search. And once you chose the perfect villa you want for, they will quickly respond with a booking confirmation with no holdups or such sorts.

The best part is if you don’t find you dream villa on this site, Last Minute Bali Villas customer service team will assist you with a late villa inquiry through our partner site, The Villa Guide. There you can find dozens of Bali’s private villas in which many display monthly availability calendars for searcher’s convenience.

That’s why if you’re looking for the right middleman to take care of your villa accommodations in Bali that will save you both from the troubles and hassles of booking during the last minute then, without any doubt, the is the perfect choice for you.  Because when a villa is available, there should be no other reasons to delay your booking and your dream holiday from coming true.

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Top Things to Do in Canggu, Bali Indonesia


Bali also known as the “island of Gods” had always captivated its village by its famous beaches and one of these is Canggu, a beach area lying in South Bali, south of Tanah Lot and north of Seminyak. Canggu is a large coastal area that stretches about eight kilometers and is known as home of villages Cemagi, Tiyingtukul, Nelayan, Seseh and famous beach spots Berawa, Pererenan and Echo Beach. Though still considered as a sleepy coastal locale, Canggu is a fast developing village gaining its popularity from the tourists for its surfing spots and luxurious private villas.

A villa in Canggu
Once seen as a grassy field, Canggu is slowly changing as the best and most elegantprivate villas emerge along its rice fields all the way down to the beach. These luxurious private villas are known to be the most prevalent form of travel accommodation in Canggu, considered that the beach offers a never-ending line of villas for tourists to choose from. Including to these lists are the Villa Avalon, a villa known for its grand contemporary architecture, the Rumah Baraka, a sun-filled sanctuary and the Beach Club Villa with its open-plan layout and no-fuss design aesthetics. Designed to be architecturally unique from each other, Canggu villas can give you a personal hideaway experience for your perfect holiday vacation, complete with a group of helpful staffs to attend to your every needs and demands. These villas are no doubt a-once-in-a-lifetime treat one can give to himself, especially to those who wants to feel pampered and relax under a luxurious atmosphere.

Near these private villas, thousand of leisure and lifestyle amenities awaits for you to explore as surfing. The beaches in Canggu have dark grey or black sand with reef swells that are larger than those you will find in Kuta, which are definitely not good for swimming but offer some of the renowned and most challenging surfing spots in Bali and in the world noted by professional surfers. And while surfing, don’t you miss checking out the sunset from the perch on a surfboard probably in the black beaches of Berawa and Pererenan. While in the morning, you can observe the daily rhythms of the traditional Balinese village life.

Another must-see place in Canggu is the Canggu Club, Bali’s first and only country club which offers world-class sporting facilities and serves as family-friendly haven where members can come to relax, play sports, work out, and relax under the sun. It has a number social and leisure amenities such as a state-of-the-art gym, regular aerobics, tennis courts, air-conditioned squash courts and a 25m lap pool.

While for those who wants to pamper their selves to the fullest, Canggu is also never short of spas and the most popular of them all is the Casa Day Spa and Delivery. It is a high-street spa that offers a number of delightful spa treatments and massages to suite those aching and tired muscles. It is located in the main road Raya Canggu on the way to Echo Beach.

Canggu is also the best spot to visit in Bali if you want to stay close to Seminyak and Tanah Lot’s shopping centers, nightlife and temples, letting you experience the best of three areas that Bali has.

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Top Things to Do in Phuket, Thailand


Known to be the largest island in Thailand, Phuket is a mountainous province located lying in Andaman Sea, suspended from the southern tip of Phang Nga Province by a pair of short but substantial road bridges. Set in a backdrop of tropical paradise, blessed by nature with a number of enchanting coves and bays, palm-fringed white beaches and luminous island-spotted seas, the island of Phuket welcomes around a 5 million tourists to its scenic beaches and picturesque mountain ranges.

Phuket comprises approximately 590 square kilometers of Thailand, including thirty nine islands. By the 17th century, the island was seen by the Dutch and English explorers as a source of tin that drew thousands of Chinese miners to the island. Today, their cultural influence can still be seen in the island’s many shops, restaurants and temples. Phuket has a long rainy season that’s why most travel guides suggest visiting the island between December and April, when the dry weather allows visitors to enjoy outdoor activities like snorkeling, boating and hiking. Phuket also offers its visitors a lot of options for its visitors from popular hotels, resorts and rental villas.

A luxurious villa in Phuket
Known as Thailand’s most popular island destination, Phuket offers a lot of accommodations. For popular hotels and resorts in popular locations, visitors should be reminded to book at least a couple of months in advance during high season like November and May to avoid any hassle. On the other hand, for visitors who prefer to spend their vacation away from the crowd of guests into a serene hideaway perfect for privacy, then renting private villas would be the best choice. Staying in one of Phuket’s private villas is simply like having to stay in your own vacation house while being served by a group of staffs who are always ready to attend to your every request and demand, giving you that sense of royalty. Checking in one of Phuket villas gives you a personal hideaway experience with an air of extravagance, to make you feel pampered and relaxed.

Yachting in Phuket
After you have chosen a place or villa to stay in, you can start travelling the island of Phuket and exploring a thousand of outdoor activities you can enjoy in the island including swimming, snorkeling, diving, yachting, jet-skiing and parasailing. Kite surfing is becoming a popular activity as well. Popular kite surfing locations include Nai Yang in the summer season and Chalong Bay in the winter season.

Snorkeling can be enjoyed in sheltered bays that can be found all around Phuket like at Patong, Karon and Kata beaches. Most popular snorkeling spots include Ko Hae, Ko Racha Yai, Ko Khai and Ko Phi Phi where fins, snorkels and mask can be rented on a daily basis from shops.

Diving in Phuket
With snorkeling also comes diving and Phuket is known to be the center of diving in Thailand. Most dive sites are off nearby islands, there are dozens of dive shops and boats to cater your needs mostly can be found near Chalong Bay. The most well-known dive site in the Phuket area is Racha Yai known for its rocky reefs and its plenitude of solid coral reefs. It is also the home to Ter Bay where there is an exciting wreck in the depths of 25 to 35 meters.

Another thing you shouldn’t miss when visiting Phuket is sailing and yachting. The island of Phuket has sailing yachts of virtually every size and for all budgets on offer to explore the surrounding beautiful islands on a yacht charter.

Offering an impressive portfolio of leisure and lifestyle amenities, Phuket is no doubt internationally recognized as one of Asia’s premier tropical island destinations perfect for those who want to spend their holiday vacation in an exquisite tropical climate.

Top Things to Do in Bali, Indonesia


In the westernmost end of the Lesser Sunda Islands, lying between Java to the west and Lombok to the east, lies the famed “Island of the Gods”, Bali. Known as the largest tourist destination in the Indonesia, Bali is renowned for its panoramic landscape views of hills and mountains, rugged coastlines and dreamy sandy beaches, verdant rice terraces and volcanic hillsides sets an astonishing backdrop to the island’s colorful and deeply spiritual culture.

Renowned for its unique culture and history and its artistic way of life, Bali is a peaceful contrast to some of the more frantic destinations in Asia. With world-class beaches, historical and archaeological attractions and an enormous range of accommodations, the island consistently wins travel awards and is considered a tourist haven for decades, welcoming thousands of visitors each year to its relaxing lifestyle, spectacular scenery and exquisite tropical climate perfect for holiday vacations. Bali always has something to offer to its very broad market of visitors from young back-packers right through the super rich.

A Luxurious Bali Villa
Let’s start from the island’s range of accommodation, being one of the world’s most popular island destinations; Bali has, without any doubt, the best range of accommodations in Indonesia ranging from losmens also known as home-stay accommodations to private villas. Bali has become famous for its large collection of private villas for rent, complete with staff and top-class levels of service to meet every visitor’s demands and needs. And if you want to get the most out of your Bali trip then I definitely would recommend checking in a villa, these private villas are the perfect place to stay in if you want to feel pamper and relax. They give you that feeling of having your own personal hideaway, enjoying the whole place alone with your family or friends. Moreover, these private villas are built at the heart of nature and characterized by their own form of art décor and endearing outdoor decoration as well as a private pool to add to its luxurious air. Private villas are found mostly in the greater Seminyak area, Jimbaran and Uluwatu in the south, and Sanur, Ubud and Lovina in the north.

One of the 9 Directional Temples
After you have chosen a place or a villa to stay in, you can start exploring the island and the thousand of leisure and lifestyle amenities the Island of the Gods has to offer. Aside from the shopping complexes, nightclub and bars, and beach, visiting the Bali temples is something you shouldn’t miss. Start by visiting the best largest and most prominent Hindu temples known as the Nine Directional Temples located at the strategic points across Bali and are said to protect the island from evil spirits.

Balinese Lulur Body Scrub
While for those who want to pamper their selves, there are several hot springs to be discovered in Bali. One of them is Air Banjar located on the north coast of the island near Lovina, where stone mouth carvings allow hot water to flow between the pools, which are set in lush gardens. The island of Bali is also known to be a haven for spa lovers. Try the world-famous Balinese lulur body scrub with herbs and spices, usually done with oil and involves long, Swedish-style strokes. You can also try yoga while you’re in the island. Bali is host to some of the finest yoga centers mostly found in Ubud and Seminyak, offering amazing yoga classes to suit all levels.

Surrounded by coral reefs, the island of Bali is also known as a popular destination for divers. Examples of popular diving spots are the wreck of the USAT Liberty at Tulamben, Padang Bai, Menjangan Island in the northwest and Nusa Penida in the south. Enjoy surfing in the southern coast of Nusa Lembongan, Canggu, the Bukit Peninsula for the expert surfers and Kuta and Legian for those who want to learn surfing. There are also a number of white-water rafting operators in the Ubud area and sport-fishing in Benoa Harbour and nearby Serangan close to Kuta.

With a wide range of activities and leisure the island of Bali has to offer, from its wonderful seascapes for water activities, a large number of cultural and archaeological attractions, wonderful spas and luxurious private villas, Bali no doubt stakes a serious claim on being a heavenly paradise on earth.

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10 of the Best Private Luxury Villas in Koh Samui, Thailand


Koh Samui, more popularly known for tourists as Samui, is an island in the Gulf of Thailand, geographically located about some 700 km south of Bangkok and 80 km from the eastern coastline of Thailand. Considered as one of the hottest and popular spot in Thailand, Koh Samui is known for its countless palm-fringed beaches and bays that charm numerous visitors all over the globe especially during summer. Also famous for its recreation, relaxation and fine food, water sports, indulgent spas and health retreats, the island of Koh Samui is an eclectic blend of nature and sophistication that attracts visitors and tourists every year to indulge in its tropical delights.

But there’s more to Koh Samui that being an enchanting holiday destination, this island can offer you the most extravagant holiday vacation with all the luxury villas you can find there. These villas give you that personal hideaway you can enjoy alone with your family or friends, assisted by a group of excellent staffs to cater your every needs and demands. And if you’re looking for a luxury villa in Samui for your next vacation then this article is the perfect guide to help you pick one, here is a roundup list of the top ten luxury villas you can find in the island of Koh Samui:

Ban Suriya – is an outstanding villa laid out beautifully for maximum space, privacy and entertainment to provide its visitors the total getaway experience. The Ban Suriya Villa offers six luxurious bedrooms, 20m blue-tiled swimming pool, games annex and a playful tree house by the sea. The villa’s expressive style meets comfort, overlooking the secluded Lipa Noi Beach.

Baan Kilee is an ultimate villa that offers both luxury and flexibility. With its 6 beautifully-decorated bedrooms, stunning beachside location, great facilities especially for kids and an excellent group of staffs, the Baan Kilee is the perfect party pad or wedding venue right on Lipa Noi Beach on Koh Samui’s deserted west coast.

YL Residence No. 17is an exuberant ocean-side property that boasts its exquisitely furnished, colonial-style suites, expansive living and dining spaces - perfect to cater large groups and events. The YL Residence No.17 offers its visitors absolute privilege and luxury.

Tassan Prais an authentic-Thai architecture villa with antique wooden interiors and an inspiring hilltop setting, making it as one of Koh Samui’s most beautiful and appealing properties. A true one of a kind villa, the Tassan Pra boasts of its free-form swimming pool, luxurious amenities and gentle efficient hospitality in a tranquil location close to the island’s main attractions.

Baan Jakawan - is a great villa that offers luxurious design and coastal splendor to its visitors. The Baan Jakawan is a hillside property with an impressive suite of facilities and services that comes together with stunning ocean views, split-level infinity pool and sundeck, private cliff-side bedroom pavilions and poolside sunset bar.

The Coveis called a super villa. Resting on the beach, designed with five levels of stylish opulence, The Cove is the ideal villa for your family offering an accommodation dedication with children’s pavilion. This villa boast out of its wonderful facilities including an outdoor cinema, beautiful lawn running down to the beach, 22m infinity pool and a group of extremely helpful staffs.

Baan Hinta is an architectural masterpiece built on a secluded stretch of tropical coastline near Lamai where guests can enjoy generous living spaces, elegant interious, superb facilities and an elevated infinity pool over viewing the sea. The Baan Hinta is an idyllic holiday destination that blends with the natural landscape.

Baan Puriis an impressive property that offers beachside bliss with a choice of in and outdoor pleasures. The Baan Puri boasts its elegant design with 6 outstandingly-designed bedrooms and a 30m pool that make this tropical escape an ideal place to stay for your holiday vacation.

Waimarieis one of the most homely villas in Koh Samui, perfect for those who are looking for a place to stay in with their family. Complete with a tennis court, children’s playground, 15m pool with all the toys and pristine white beach, the Waimarie is a great tropical place to spend the holiday with your love ones.

Upni Duniyais a labyrinth of luxury with a magnificent ocean-side pool. The Upni Duniya offers a profusion of artifacts, beautifully lit at night, your very own exclusive five-star resort and a group of gentle, unobtrusive Thai staffs.

KohSamui villas combines comfort and convenience with a sense of real escape that made it a popular choice for tourists that wants to feel pamper and relax.

10 of the Best Private Luxury Villas in Phuket, Thailand


Geographically located in the southern area of Thailand, Phuket rests in the Andaman Sea. Made up of 39 smaller islands and islets, Phuket is connected to mainland Thailand by two bridges. Acclaimed as one of Asia’s premier tropical island destination, Phuket offers its visitors to an exceptional getaway experience with its exquisite beaches, enchanting coves and bays, sumptuous classic cuisines, and an impressive portfolio of leisure and lifestyle amenities such as wonderful seascapes for sailing, diving and snorkeling, high-end shopping complexes, relaxing spas, voguish boutiques, vibrant bars and lively nightclubs. But if you really want to experience all of this together with an extra touch of luxury, Phuket has a thousand of beautiful villas for you to choose from. These villas allows you enjoy the whole place alone with your family and friends, giving you an atmosphere of having your own personal hideaway with a tinge of extravagance and the feeling of royalty as a group of staffs are there to attend to your every needs and demands.

And if you happen to be planning to visit Phuket and is interested in finding a villa then you might want to take some time reading this article about the ten best luxury villas there is in Phuket, Thailand.

Villa Beyond Bangtao – is a modern elegant villa to live the high life, both literally and in spirit. Offering a spectacular view of the sea and minutes away from the Surin and Bang Tao beaches, it’s the perfect enticing retreat place for families and group. With its unique rounded shape and clean lines located at an exclusive hillside, the Villa Beyond Bangtao gives you the feeling like you’re gliding through the sky in a luxury cruise liner.

Moon Cove – Hai Lenglocated set on the idyllic Ao Yon Bay; this luxury villa offers a private swimming pool, expansive terrace and gardens, just steps away from the sands. The Moon Cove – Hai Leng is a post-card perfect tropical panorama, ideal for families and small groups seeking fun under the sun.

Villa YinLocated in the Millionaires’ Mile district of Phuket where luxury villas pour down the hillsides everywhere, the Villa Yin stands out. Staying at this villa will offer you a dream-like journey of pleasure, taking you from the jungle to the sea to word-class art show and back again in a few quick steps. The villa is a total escape for adults seeking refinement and pleasure, surrounded with a range of expensive art collection and eyes attracting in your eye, the villa itself is a visual spectacle.

Baan Saleahthis funky, fresh and design-oriented décor villa offers four gorgeous bedrooms, a large-curved edge infinity pool, a spacious pool terrace with sala, a large lofty living/dining area and an excellent sea-view location on the wooded headland between Kata’s two stunning beaches. Handled by an excellent group of staffs, this stylish villa is hard to beat.

VillaMariais an expansive five-bedroom villa hidden away in a lush enclave a few minutes away from the soft sands of Nai Harn beach. Offering a fabulous pool terrace, three-living rooms and modern facilities, the villa Maria is simply a magnificent place to stay for families or groups seeking tropical party and total enjoyment.

Jivana– Villa Anandais a spacious, serene and spectacular villa located on the secluded white sands of Natai Beach in Phang Nga. With six luxurious bedrooms, impeccably landscaped grounds to frolic on and eight meters of beach frontage, the Villa Ananda is a unique, luxurious, private and peaceful place where you and your group can enjoy your beach holidays at its best.

L’Orchidee Residences – Villa Miltonia K12 is an ideal place for couples and groups to retreat. With a large private swimming pool and panoramic views across Patong Bay, the Villa Miltonia K12 is both a tropical retreat and perfect place to access many of the island delights. This villa also offer a splendid sunset views from the pool, a close at hand nightlife action and professional service with a smile.

Baan Paradise – is the perfect villa for those groups and couples looking to stay close to Patong. Offering elegant five bedrooms, this villa boasts of its stunning views over the beach resort of Patong. With an infinity swimming pool and an entertainment room with massive TV, the Baan Paradise Villa is a private retreat that will make you enjoy the most out of your Patong vacation.

Ayara Surin – Villa Chan Grajang this villa is a luxurious hideaway with an exclusive hilltop location over Surin Bay and heaps of entertainment, both indoors and out. The Villa Chan Grajang offers you an ultra-extravagant hilltop perch, golf and games galore, perfect party galore, perfect party pad and distinctive décor.

Villa Viva is a fantastic place that boasts out of its seaside setting and opulence, surely making groups and couples relish with its dazzling design and sunset views on Natai Beach. The Villa Viva offers a palatial, private beachfront location, flat-design features, oversized bedroom suites, two big pools for laps and lounging and a master suite with a spa and gym.

With its portfolio of luxurious villas, Phuket is the perfect tropical island to feel relax and pampered together with a luxurious feeling.

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10 of the Best Luxury Villas in Seminyak


Geographically located in north Legian of South Bali, Seminyak is a popular tourist destination known for its luxury accommodations and au courant high-end restaurants and bars. It is also acclaimed as Bali’s chic capital of superb spas and boutique shopping. A backdrop setting of chic cocktail bars, exciting nightclubs, vogue boutiques and luxurious spas to lure bohemians and jetsetters that are looking for a place to fill their frenetic energy.

But aside from being a tourist-oriented urban area, Seminyak is also known for its luxury villas. These private villas are architectured and designed by diverse form of art décor and endearing internal decoration, as well as a private pool to add up to their luxurious settings. These villas’ essence is to provide you your own personal getaway, a perfect place to enjoy alone with your family or friends and feel pampered and relaxed. If you’re interested in knowing more about these Seminyak villas then you stumbled upon the right article, here we’re going to name the ten best luxury villas you can find in Seminyak.

Villa AzayaThis villa is located 50 meters from the beach in Bali’s most fashionable neighborhood, Petitenget. The Villa Azaya is an ideal choice for those who wish to be close to the frenetic action, while the large garden is perfect for staging events. One of its highlight is that Azaya’s garden gives you an access to the beach down a sandy pathway. Not many villas in Bali comes this close to the sand.

Atas Ombakis a true Bali classic villa, located  three kilometers from Seminyak, resting within the 6000 square meters of magnificent, absolute beachfront gardens which makes it the perfect spot to say “I do” on your wedding day. Offering an awe-inspiring ocean and sunset views, five bedrooms and a highly-professional team of staff makes this villa a picture of holiday bliss.

Villa Jajalilunais a four-bedroomed villa built with a versatile architecture, great furnishings, privacy, tranquility and a family-friendly swimming pool. Located in hip and happening central of Seminyak, this contemporary villa rests in a tropical garden shaded by swaying coconut palms.

Villa Jossis a relaxed and stylish family-friend villa, contemporary styled, which is just a few yards away from Batubelig beach and a short drive from buzzing Seminyak. Stylish yet comfortable, this villa has bright-breezy rooms open onto a pool and Jacuzzi within a lush walled garden. The Villa Joss is the perfect family holiday treat.

Villa Kubu is a villa that offers a Mediterranean-style of living which oozes with charm. This villa located in the central Seminyak is close to beaches, restaurants and shops. High walls were created to set it as a private oasis with free-form pools, discrete service and beautiful décor making this individually styled villa superb.

Villa Issi is a big, bold and sublime villa sophisticatedly designed to be in the middle of Seminyak—close to the action yet removed from the madness. This four bed-roomed, high-tech property offers an impeccable service, a swimming pool, gym, gourmet kitchen and funky artwork wrapped in playful architecture with a monochromatic theme.

Laksamana Estateis a fabulously designed villa, a few meters away from Seminyak’s famous beach, bars and shops. Lashings of style, excellent staffs and lavish contemporary open living space make Laksamana Estate special. This villa will guarantee you the most memorable vacation you ever experienced.

Villa LeGais a stunning villa situated beside the Batubelig Beach which offers both a private and secure setting. Boasting five bedrooms, this contemporary villa is beautifully furnished and comes with a 12 meter swimming pool set in landscaped walled gardens, an open living room with dining area and gourmet kitchen.

Villa Windu Sari is a contemporary, comfortable and convenient villa with four modern-bedrooms which are fully furnished. Located in the secure confines of the Hotel Vila Lumbung grounds, it’s only a short ride away from Seminyak’s nightlife, shops, restaurants and Petitenget Beach.

Villa Aqua is a funky-designed villa positioned at the apex of Seminyak’s Golden Triangle, complete with pool, sound-proof games room, steam room and numerous chill-out spots that lie in Oberoi and just a few footsteps away from the Petitenget Beach.

These Seminyakvillas that made in the list are sure to offer you the perfect personal getaway to spend your holiday vacation at. These villas offer you the chance to feel like royalty while being surrounded by the sophisticated urban ambiance of Seminyak.

10 of the Best Luxury Villas in Bali


Bali famed for being called as “the island of gods” is known for being an exceptional place of beauty seen from its picturesque vistas of hills and mountains, stunning rice terraces and enthralling sandy beaches. With a colorful backdrop and unique, deeply spiritual culture, Bali stakes a serious claim as being a heavenly paradise on Earth.

Located at the westernmost end of the Lesser Sunda Islands, between the Java to the west and Lombok to the east, Bali is an Indonesian island surrounded by a vast green sapphire ocean and coral reefs making it as a popular summer destination for tourists. Aside from that, Bali also offers you a wide variety of private villas where you can enjoy your vacation with luxury combined with the island’s alluring charm.
That’s why if you’re up for a vacation to Bali and is thinking of renting a private villa then you might want to consider reading this article about “10 of the Best Luxury Villas in Bali”.

           Villa San – is a private and serene oasis located in Central Bali, less than 300 meters north of Ubud’s Royal Palace. This villa is only minutes away from sensational shopping, superb spas, classic cultural performances and luxuriant rice fields. Villa San showcased an impressive array of artworks and handicrafts, a 25m lap pool and set within lush gardens which incorporate elegant sculptures and a tranquil meditation terrace.

           Chalina EstateWith its classic architecture, Chalina Estate captures the true essence of Bali and the island’s beautiful surroundings. The villa’s serene riverside setting makes it as an ideal choice for weddings and special retreats. Fully staffed with six large bedrooms, a deluxe 30 meters swimming pool and lavish living areas, this exquisite villa displays exude and charm.

      Arsana Estate is a gorgeous two-hectare estate which flows down a terraced hillside of southwest Bali. The Arsana Estate is the perfect setting for those looking for a close-to-nature playground to relax away from the hustle and bustle of Bali’s more crowded tourist centers. Considered as one of the most beautiful villas in Bali, blends its exceptional location with its outstanding facilities.

       Villa Surya Damai – is a serene, spacious and welcoming villa located at the edge of the quiet village of Umalas in southwest Bali. This villa blends colonial elegance with tropical ambiance while providing the modern comforts required for a memorable, relaxing stay. Designed as a traditional Balinese family compound home, Villa Surya Damai’s large, open-sided living room and charming thatched bedroom pavilions set within an enchanting walled-garden.

      The Istana – resides on a southwestern tip of Bali, Indonesia, in a place named The Bukit. The Istana is a five suite estate which overlooks at the white sand beaches and a lagoon abundant with sea life and coral. A ten minute walk away from the Uluwatu beach, popular for divers and five-minute drive away from Uluwatu temple, one of the most revered temple’s on the island.

      Villa Asmara – is an enchanting rural sanctuary that overlooks the rice field and rugged shores of the village of Cemagi. Named after the ancient Sanskrit word for love, it’s hard not to fall in love with Villa Asmara. With its classic Balinese architecture, guests will enjoy a beautiful and luxurious place within a serene and peaceful environment.

      Villa Atas Ombak – translated as the “Villa on Top of the Waves”, the Villa Atas Ombak is directly located on the beach only a few kilometers north of Legian. The villa encompasses an acre and a half of garden area, with over 100 meters of beach frontage. The Villa Atas Ombak gives you the feeling of total privacy but is still close enough to easily reach Bali’s favorite shops, restaurants and entertainment venues.

      Villa Indah Manis is a villa surrounded by forest and rural scenes, breathtaking views spanning the Indian Ocean and the southernmost tip of the island all the way up the west. The Villa Indah Manis offers a blend of air-conditioned comfort and tropical open-air living with a series of pavilions, 16-meters lap pool, ornamental ponds and water features.

      Villa Asadais a luxurious villa located near Candidasa, East Bali, which offers a glorious panoramic vista which follows the coastline to the east and west, overlooking the shimmering sea formed into a gorgeous blue lagoon with a backdrop of the islands of Nusa Penida, Nusa Lembongan and Lombok.

           Sanur Residence – is an ideal villa for weddings, parties and events. With its expansive terraced garden, set against the stunning backdrop of the Balinese coastline, this villa offers you a romantic spot for saying “I do”.

Bali’s luxury villas are the perfect place to stay if you want to get the best out of your Bali vacation. These private villas give you the feeling of having your own personal hideaway, allowing you to enjoy the whole place alone with your family or friends. It’s like staying at your own vacation house with the plus of having served by well-trained staffs ready to attend to your every need and demand. These villas’ essence is truly to bring you the feeling of extravagance and royalty.


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