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Top Things to Do in Phuket, Thailand


Known to be the largest island in Thailand, Phuket is a mountainous province located lying in Andaman Sea, suspended from the southern tip of Phang Nga Province by a pair of short but substantial road bridges. Set in a backdrop of tropical paradise, blessed by nature with a number of enchanting coves and bays, palm-fringed white beaches and luminous island-spotted seas, the island of Phuket welcomes around a 5 million tourists to its scenic beaches and picturesque mountain ranges.

Phuket comprises approximately 590 square kilometers of Thailand, including thirty nine islands. By the 17th century, the island was seen by the Dutch and English explorers as a source of tin that drew thousands of Chinese miners to the island. Today, their cultural influence can still be seen in the island’s many shops, restaurants and temples. Phuket has a long rainy season that’s why most travel guides suggest visiting the island between December and April, when the dry weather allows visitors to enjoy outdoor activities like snorkeling, boating and hiking. Phuket also offers its visitors a lot of options for its visitors from popular hotels, resorts and rental villas.

A luxurious villa in Phuket
Known as Thailand’s most popular island destination, Phuket offers a lot of accommodations. For popular hotels and resorts in popular locations, visitors should be reminded to book at least a couple of months in advance during high season like November and May to avoid any hassle. On the other hand, for visitors who prefer to spend their vacation away from the crowd of guests into a serene hideaway perfect for privacy, then renting private villas would be the best choice. Staying in one of Phuket’s private villas is simply like having to stay in your own vacation house while being served by a group of staffs who are always ready to attend to your every request and demand, giving you that sense of royalty. Checking in one of Phuket villas gives you a personal hideaway experience with an air of extravagance, to make you feel pampered and relaxed.

Yachting in Phuket
After you have chosen a place or villa to stay in, you can start travelling the island of Phuket and exploring a thousand of outdoor activities you can enjoy in the island including swimming, snorkeling, diving, yachting, jet-skiing and parasailing. Kite surfing is becoming a popular activity as well. Popular kite surfing locations include Nai Yang in the summer season and Chalong Bay in the winter season.

Snorkeling can be enjoyed in sheltered bays that can be found all around Phuket like at Patong, Karon and Kata beaches. Most popular snorkeling spots include Ko Hae, Ko Racha Yai, Ko Khai and Ko Phi Phi where fins, snorkels and mask can be rented on a daily basis from shops.

Diving in Phuket
With snorkeling also comes diving and Phuket is known to be the center of diving in Thailand. Most dive sites are off nearby islands, there are dozens of dive shops and boats to cater your needs mostly can be found near Chalong Bay. The most well-known dive site in the Phuket area is Racha Yai known for its rocky reefs and its plenitude of solid coral reefs. It is also the home to Ter Bay where there is an exciting wreck in the depths of 25 to 35 meters.

Another thing you shouldn’t miss when visiting Phuket is sailing and yachting. The island of Phuket has sailing yachts of virtually every size and for all budgets on offer to explore the surrounding beautiful islands on a yacht charter.

Offering an impressive portfolio of leisure and lifestyle amenities, Phuket is no doubt internationally recognized as one of Asia’s premier tropical island destinations perfect for those who want to spend their holiday vacation in an exquisite tropical climate.

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