Thursday, September 13, 2012

Top Things to Do in Canggu, Bali Indonesia


Bali also known as the “island of Gods” had always captivated its village by its famous beaches and one of these is Canggu, a beach area lying in South Bali, south of Tanah Lot and north of Seminyak. Canggu is a large coastal area that stretches about eight kilometers and is known as home of villages Cemagi, Tiyingtukul, Nelayan, Seseh and famous beach spots Berawa, Pererenan and Echo Beach. Though still considered as a sleepy coastal locale, Canggu is a fast developing village gaining its popularity from the tourists for its surfing spots and luxurious private villas.

A villa in Canggu
Once seen as a grassy field, Canggu is slowly changing as the best and most elegantprivate villas emerge along its rice fields all the way down to the beach. These luxurious private villas are known to be the most prevalent form of travel accommodation in Canggu, considered that the beach offers a never-ending line of villas for tourists to choose from. Including to these lists are the Villa Avalon, a villa known for its grand contemporary architecture, the Rumah Baraka, a sun-filled sanctuary and the Beach Club Villa with its open-plan layout and no-fuss design aesthetics. Designed to be architecturally unique from each other, Canggu villas can give you a personal hideaway experience for your perfect holiday vacation, complete with a group of helpful staffs to attend to your every needs and demands. These villas are no doubt a-once-in-a-lifetime treat one can give to himself, especially to those who wants to feel pampered and relax under a luxurious atmosphere.

Near these private villas, thousand of leisure and lifestyle amenities awaits for you to explore as surfing. The beaches in Canggu have dark grey or black sand with reef swells that are larger than those you will find in Kuta, which are definitely not good for swimming but offer some of the renowned and most challenging surfing spots in Bali and in the world noted by professional surfers. And while surfing, don’t you miss checking out the sunset from the perch on a surfboard probably in the black beaches of Berawa and Pererenan. While in the morning, you can observe the daily rhythms of the traditional Balinese village life.

Another must-see place in Canggu is the Canggu Club, Bali’s first and only country club which offers world-class sporting facilities and serves as family-friendly haven where members can come to relax, play sports, work out, and relax under the sun. It has a number social and leisure amenities such as a state-of-the-art gym, regular aerobics, tennis courts, air-conditioned squash courts and a 25m lap pool.

While for those who wants to pamper their selves to the fullest, Canggu is also never short of spas and the most popular of them all is the Casa Day Spa and Delivery. It is a high-street spa that offers a number of delightful spa treatments and massages to suite those aching and tired muscles. It is located in the main road Raya Canggu on the way to Echo Beach.

Canggu is also the best spot to visit in Bali if you want to stay close to Seminyak and Tanah Lot’s shopping centers, nightlife and temples, letting you experience the best of three areas that Bali has.

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