Monday, November 21, 2011

Top 5 Must Try Ilocano Foods

Ilocanos are considered as the third largest ethnic group in the Philippines and they are well-known because of the literary masterpiece: "Biag Ni Lam-Ang" (an epic story about the hero named Lam-ang). A lot of famous personalities like Elpidio Quirino, Ferdinand Marcos, Jose Burgos, just to name a few are pure-blooded Ilocanos. People of Ilocos region are known to be engaged in farming as well as fishing because of their geographic location. Because they are having large number of migrating population, there is no doubt that Ilocano foods spread throughout the Philippine archipelago and the world. Usually, Ilocanos eat foods cooked with salted fish (bagoong), fresh sea foods and steamed vegetables.  For those of you who are not that much familiar but are interested to try their foods, you can check out these top 5 must try Ilocano Foods!


First on the line, we have the famous "Dinengdeng" - this Ilocano food is full of vegetables like string beans, okra, squash, and ampalaya which is spiced up with red onions, tomatoes, jute leaves, root ginger, small amount of water together with their most popular ingredient: "bagoong!" Every foreign visitors like you (if given a chance to visit the Ilocos Region), should try this one! This is a perfect combination of assorted vegetables and bagoong that makes it so delicious.


Second on the list we have the irresistible "Dinardaraan" - which is also known as Pork Dinuguan (Pork Blood Stew) is made of pork belly, pork liver and pig blood with a touch of chili pepper before serving! After you try it, surely you will request for some more!


For our third Ilocano must try food, we have the "Dinakdakan" - this Ilocano dish is actually similar to Sisig but this is cut into cubes while in Dinakdakan, the grilled pig face is sliced into strips. Unlike the ordinary Pork Kinilaw, this dish has pork brain. Most of the times it serves as appetizers for alcohol drinkers. For spicy food lovers out there, you should also try this one and for sure you will going to love it!


The fourth placer on the list, we have the "Igado" - which is one of the popular Ilocano foods that you must try! This is a combination of pork tenderloin and liver which is cut into strips together with red bell pepper and green peas to add color! This is actually perfect with rice for a lunch or dinner (either of the two) and you should right away ask for extra rice because surely one is not enough!


Now we're down to our last must try Ilocano food, and it is none other than "Poqui-Poqui". Although this type of Ilocano food doesn't looks good but certainly this is one of the tastiest dish that you could ever try! Take note, it doesn't have any kind of meat on it so it is perfect for those who are concern with their health. It is only made up of sweet eggplant and of course egg with some chopped tomatoes.

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